This information is updated for the academic year 2017/18:
This page was updated on 9th August 2017.

Reception 2017/18:
We are currently expecting to have 58 children join the school in Reception in September. This means we will have 2 places left as the year group is capped at 60 places. Please contact North Somerset Admissions to enquire for a place for your child:
01275 884 078 and 01275 884 014

Year 1 2017/18
We will have 36 children who will start Year 1 in September. This means we have 24 places left as the year group is capped at 60 places.  If you require a place for your child, you can contact us directly and also notify North Somerset Admissions:
01275 884 078 and 01275 884 014

Year 2 2017/18
We will have 14 children who will start Year 2 in September.  This means we have 16 places left as the year group is capped at 30 places.  Please contact North Somerset school admissions for a school application form. It will also be important to complete the school’s own admission form so that we have important information about you and your child prior to them starting school; this can be obtained from the school office.

Year 3 – 6?
At present we will open classes for Year 3 to 6 when the current cohorts of children, as above, are at the age for these classes. However, please see below for  information on potential expansion.

Older class update: (17.7.17)
We concluded our recent consultation regarding opening for older classes. We received interest for school places but this was not significant enough for us to open for classes in year groups 3, 4, 5,or 6. Following this consultation, we have decided to maintain a register for families who continue to be interested in us opening for older year groups.  We will now review the numbers on Monday 9th October, 2017.

If you require a school place, please email the school office on with the following information:
– Pupil names, first & second
– DoB
– House Address
– Contact telephone number
– When your family would require a school place

Our current consultation letters to our existing parents can be found below:
9th June 2017
17th June 2017

New Reception 2018/2019

If you are interested in your child joining our school in September 2018, we are holding three tours this autumn, which you are welcome to. Please email us on to confirm your interest in coming; this will help us to manage the tours suitably.

Friday 29th September or Thursday 9th November
9:15 Welcome by the Principal, Craig Jones
9:45 Tour by pupils and staff
10:45 Tea & Coffee Morning & opportunity for further questions

In addition, we are hosting an evening welcome tour at 7 pm – 8:30 pm on Thursday 9th November.